How To Tell What A Guy Wants From You

Here’s how to figure out what a guy is looking for from you:

  1. You frustrate his attempts to come on strong;

  2. You make a serious effort to improve your ability to discern whether he’s serious about you or not.

It seems simple… right ?

it’s never easy to pass judgement on a man

We’ll go over these two processes in greater detail later, but there’s something else I want you to know first.

Here’s Something You Should Know About Men (That They Won’t Tell You)

The most crucial thing for you to know about confident masculine guys and dating as a woman is that they will frequently come on strong to you (in the beginning).

However, this does not imply that they adore you or are committed to you.

Booze and pickup: why you should not get drunk to seduce

The topic of the day is proposed just like the title of a newspaper: “Alcohol and sex: why you should not get drunk to seduce!”

It’s not hard to imagine the following situation: New Year Eve, going out with friends to have a drink before going to the party. “This round is on me, the second round is on you”… “Let’s have another cocktail” And generally speaking you end up dancing in the disco, quite drunk, with the intention of seducing some young lady.

Get Drunk, Miss a chance

Alcohol and hooking up is a dangerous combination. Why shouldn’t you get drunk to seduce?

Report From Aisle Shows Indian Women are Committed to Dating in 2021

Aisle, one of India’s most popular dating platform , has released new data indicating that an increasing number of Indian women are comfortable utilizing online dating services.

When compared to the same period last year, it saw a 40% rise in female installs in the first half of 2021. Aisle wants to be more suited to local singles as a ‘high-intent’ dating app than those that promote more casual meetings.

indian wedding

There has also been a 300 percent increase in the number of ‘Invites’ sent by women, indicating that they are seeking control.

10 Things Women Find Unattractive About Men

Do you want to know what things women find unattractive in men?

NO? Well! You need to know them, otherwise you might ruin your chances of getting their phone number… and if it’s a big mistake then you might even end up not sleeping with them even when you’ve played your cards right and she’s basically attracted to you.

This is a serious one.

Let’s imagine that your game in seduction is great.

I’m talking about a solid and REAL game by which you are able to seduce most of the women whenever you want.

But no matter how good you are at approaching women , somehow you always manage to “turn them off”. Doesn’t it get frustrating after a while?

Of course it does.

So doesn’t it make sense to learn what women find unattractive in men so that you know it and don’t screw it up?

Yeah, it makes a lot of sense.

So today I’m going to walk you through the 10 most common things women find unattractive in men so you can increase your chances of having sex with her or making her your girlfriend.

Let’s start…

The 10 Things Women Find Unattractive in Men

don’t scare the woman away!

3 Little-Known Ways to Surround Yourself with Women

One of the most common mistakes men make is to make a lot of male friends and not surround themselves with women.

At first glance it might seem that there is nothing wrong with something like that…BUT, analyzing it deeper you can realize that there are some things wrong.

First of all, in general women have more female friends, men have more male friends. It means that the more women you know and the more women you will have the chance to meet through mutual friendships, surrounding yourself with women will definitely be the best choice.

A group of friends

And if that’s not enough, think about the difference between going out with 3-4 female friends and going out with 3-4 male friends. In the first case you’ll be pre-selected, in the second one you won’t (on the contrary, far from it).

Furthermore, having to deal with women all the time (whether they are friends or not) will only improve your ability to interact with them (also because, for example, with female friends you can flirt, but not with male friends).

Surrounding yourself with women is the best habit a seducer must have And definitely having lots of female friends has a great effect on your abundance mentality: if you’re surrounded by women, you know you can have them and therefore live in abundance.

What do you say, does that sound like enough good reasons to make lots of female friends? ???? ????

Let’s start with the juicy part of the article!

Vulnerability in Bumble dating app reveals any user’s exact location

You’re concerned about Steve Steveington, your good friend and co-CEO. At Steveslist, the online marketplace you co-founded together where people can buy and sell items without asking too many questions, business has been slow.

A dating app vulnerability?

The Covid-19 pandemic has been unusually kind to the majority of the tech business, but not to your particular slice. The “comatose, monkey-brained leadership” is to blame, according to your board of directors. You point the finger at macroeconomic variables outside your control and slacker staff.

A possible scenario

In any case, you’ve been doing everything you can to keep the business afloat, browning your books more than ever before and turning an even blinder eye to clearly illegal activities. However, you’re concerned that Steve, your co-CEO, is losing his cool. You keep telling him that the only way out of this storm is through it, but he doesn’t believe the metaphor applies here, and he doesn’t see how spiraling deeper into deception and flimflam could ever lead to another side. This makes you worry even more, because the Stevenator is continuously pushing for more spiraling. Something has to be going on.

Your office in the San Francisco Public Library’s 19th Century Literature section is only a mile from the FBI’s San Francisco headquarters. Is it possible that Steve is snitching on you? Is he genuinely nipping out to clear his conscience when he says he’s nipping out to clear his head? You’d follow him if he didn’t bolt out whenever you were in a meeting.

Fortunately, the Stevester is a frequent user of Bumble, a famous online dating app , and you believe you might be able to track him down via his Bumble account.

How To Build an Emotional Connection With A Man

How can you establish an emotional bond with a man? To have a deeper, more fascinating conversation, you must get beyond small talk and boring chatter.

I use the word “conversation,” but that cheapens the entire concept of emotional connection…

Because truly deep emotional connection entails more than just talking.

A discussion is the start of it all, but true emotional connection entails you and a man delving into an other realm.

establish the emotional bond

A dimension in which you can build a specific bubble that is impenetrable to outsiders.

He’ll never be able to have that connection with another lady because it’s so deep and unique!

If you’re wondering how to emotionally connect with a man, here’s how:

You must first break the ice, after which you must build a banter that allows you to express and feel your ‘dark’ parts.

HiHi - the New Dating App in India

Dating apps have been in existence in India for quite some time now. However, scaling in a market where dating is traditionally considered taboo, has not been easy for homegrown apps.


But along came the pandemic, and with it, a new normal. When everything from shopping to education went virtual, disrupting internet businesses all through, why not go online to find that perfect date too!

7 easy and effective topics talk about with a girl

Finding out what topics to talk about with a girl can help you tremendously in having a quality first conversation with her.

Whether it’s during an approach on the street, at a party or on whatsapp/online, or on a first date, a good conversation is an important first step in making the girl want to see you again.

A little more action and less conversation!

The initial conversation you have with her will be crucial in making her realize that you might be an interesting man. ????

The question then follows: what topics should you talk about with a girl to make a good first impression? ????

How to Approach Beautiful Women

It may seem like an insurmountable obstacle, but in reality we are still talking about human beings; approaching beautiful women is easier than it seems, and with very good chances of success.

They too are looking for something different, even for those who do not fully embody the ideal of male beauty, the doors could open wide offering something that cannot be identified with simple aesthetic taste; things are different now.

Watching from afar is not always the best move

They are accustomed to instilling reverential fear in the poor unfortunate who stutters nonsense sentences, in those who do not understand the simplicity that is needed to approach beautiful women, bringing the matter to a successful conclusion.