7 easy and effective topics talk about with a girl

Finding out what topics to talk about with a girl can help you tremendously in having a quality first conversation with her.

Whether it’s during an approach on the street, at a party or on whatsapp/online, or on a first date, a good conversation is an important first step in making the girl want to see you again.

A little more action and less conversation!

The initial conversation you have with her will be crucial in making her realize that you might be an interesting man. ????

The question then follows: what topics should you talk about with a girl to make a good first impression? ????

How to Approach Beautiful Women

It may seem like an insurmountable obstacle, but in reality we are still talking about human beings; approaching beautiful women is easier than it seems, and with very good chances of success.

They too are looking for something different, even for those who do not fully embody the ideal of male beauty, the doors could open wide offering something that cannot be identified with simple aesthetic taste; things are different now.

Watching from afar is not always the best move

They are accustomed to instilling reverential fear in the poor unfortunate who stutters nonsense sentences, in those who do not understand the simplicity that is needed to approach beautiful women, bringing the matter to a successful conclusion.