7 easy and effective topics talk about with a girl

Finding out what topics to talk about with a girl can help you tremendously in having a quality first conversation with her.

Whether it’s during an approach on the street, at a party or on whatsapp/online, or on a first date, a good conversation is an important first step in making the girl want to see you again.

A little more action and less conversation!

The initial conversation you have with her will be crucial in making her realize that you might be an interesting man. ????

The question then follows: what topics should you talk about with a girl to make a good first impression? ????

The best topics to talk about with a girl you just met As you will see shortly, the best topics to talk about with a girl are those that in one way or another touch her in a positive way.

Topics that yes, in general it is a pleasure to discuss, but that very often, for us males, are not so obvious to get right.

As we will see later on in the article, very often we guys run into topics that for us maybe are exciting but for girls are not.

That said, let’s see what are the best topics to talk to a girl during the early stages of acquaintance.

1. Dreams and future plans

Unless you find yourself in front of a very pessimistic and depressed girl, if you talk about the future or the dreams in a girl’s drawer, she will almost certainly talk to you about them with great enthusiasm.

If you can bring up interesting topics even a little unusual you will stand out even more than the others and you will understand what she really likes. ????

2. Travel

Another topic that many women like to talk about is useful for getting to know each other better and on which you can talk a lot.

Between those who have traveled a lot and those who would dream of doing so, this topic usually turns out to be very exciting for most women and people in general.

Nowadays, it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t have travel experiences in his life that will have given him intense emotions and beautiful memories that you can tell.

If you want to make a girl who is perhaps reluctant to give confidence during the first moments talk a lot, this topic is highly recommended. ????

3. Movies/TV Series

Netflix, Disney +, Prime Video… nowadays (especially in these pandemic times) almost all of us have a subscription to one of these services and we love to talk about the latest series we just watched or the latest movie that just came out.

If you want to get a girl talking in a passionate way, ask her about the latest TV series that just came out like The Chess Queen, and you’ll see that you’ll get plenty of words! ????

It’s no coincidence that the TV series one is also a recommended topic in my last article on questions to ask girls.

4. Food and drinks

All you can eat or Mexican? Local dishes or foreign cuisine? Shots or cocktails?

It seems like a trivial topic, but in reality it is a very underestimated subject that is rarely talked about, but can lead to great conversations and interesting comparisons.

5. Relationships and social dynamics

Talking about your friendships and social life (being part of an association, team, club) often leads to discovering the hobbies and interests of the person in front of you.

Talking about social dynamics, on the other hand, can be exciting because you tend to be curious about why people behave the way they do in certain situations.


6. Hobbies

Classic topic, closely related to the previous point thanks to which you can talk for hours if you want. ????

Talking about the passions that a person has in his life to spend his free time (writing, musical instrument, collecting) is usually a good topic to talk about with a girl.

7. Animals

Maybe you’ll raise your eyebrows for a moment reading this, but I can assure you that talking about puppies and pets with a girl can be a good trump card. ????

There are women who whether single or living with a man, would never dream of living without a pet with them.