Booze and pickup: why you should not get drunk to seduce

The topic of the day is proposed just like the title of a newspaper: “Alcohol and sex: why you should not get drunk to seduce!”

It’s not hard to imagine the following situation: New Year Eve, going out with friends to have a drink before going to the party. “This round is on me, the second round is on you”… “Let’s have another cocktail” And generally speaking you end up dancing in the disco, quite drunk, with the intention of seducing some young lady.

Get Drunk, Miss a chance

Alcohol and hooking up is a dangerous combination. Why shouldn’t you get drunk to seduce?

I’ll spare you all the lecture about why you shouldn’t drink, the damage your body can suffer, etc… I’m not here in a parental capacity. But I just want to try to make you understand why it would be better to get to the approach stage sober.

1. You loose control

First of all, alcohol numbs the entire sensory system. It slows down the reflexes, it alters all the senses. Hearing is lowered and one tends to scream (I would say that it is not very pleasant for a girl to find herself in front of a person who is screaming in her face, trying to slur a few sentences, all seasoned with bad breath).

The effects of alcohol on dialectics are quite varied, and depend on the amount of alcohol, the person, and the type of alcohol. There are people who become more talkative with small doses, and who have the impression of becoming highly gifted orators. Although performance anxiety drops and the tongue clears, there are three factors that must be considered.

The first, is that alcohol tends to decrease control of the tongue. Speech therefore tends to be slurred.

2. You slow down

The second, is that alcohol slows everything down a bit: so you speak like an alien.

3. You forget social conventions

The third, and most devastating, is the decrease of inhibitions, which leads to do things that may seem cool, but that go against all social conventions.

Vision becomes blurred. Balance becomes very precarious. A very bad global picture in the approach phase, don’t you think?

Another devastating side effect, is sexual inefficiency due to alcohol abuse. Add to this the sense of discomfort and dizziness that you feel closing your eyes while you are flirting with a girl. In these cases, the only solution is to empty your stomach, take a hearty walk to get rid of the alcohol in circulation, and shove yourself into bed defeated.

“Alcohol and pickup: why you should not get drunk to seduce”? Because you get aggressive!

Those who drink a lot, tend to disinhibit themselves, often beyond the necessary. Inevitably, even reactions, otherwise well thought out, can become excessive. The risk is to perform acts improper to the place and the circumstance.

In a disco, drunks often generate fights: maybe just bumping into people, or looking out of turn, and then react in an exaggerated way.

Undoubtedly there is also to say that alcohol in small doses favors the decrease of inhibitions, but only on people who are not at the first drink. In others, the effect can only be torpor.

So do not renounce to the pleasure of a good cocktail drunk in company, but the trick is always not to exaggerate! So you can “get drunk” only on the beauty that surrounds the approach phase!