How To Build an Emotional Connection With A Man

How can you establish an emotional bond with a man? To have a deeper, more fascinating conversation, you must get beyond small talk and boring chatter.

I use the word “conversation,” but that cheapens the entire concept of emotional connection…

Because truly deep emotional connection entails more than just talking.

A discussion is the start of it all, but true emotional connection entails you and a man delving into an other realm.

establish the emotional bond

A dimension in which you can build a specific bubble that is impenetrable to outsiders.

He’ll never be able to have that connection with another lady because it’s so deep and unique!

If you’re wondering how to emotionally connect with a man, here’s how:

You must first break the ice, after which you must build a banter that allows you to express and feel your ‘dark’ parts.

How do you go about doing this?

You speak in a way that he understands, which draws him in and encourages him to get emotionally attached to you.

To do so, employ playful banter, or what we refer to as the dark feminine art of high value banter. My husband and I collaborated on a piece about how to banter around here.

It’s fantastic that you’re interested in learning how to connect emotionally with guys, because many women aren’t.

Rather of caring about the relationship, they are only interested in what they can receive from a man. (In other words, they’re value extractors or eternal leeches.)

What Is The Difference Between Emotional Attraction And Emotional Connection? Hands-on-Heads-On-Heads-On-Hea

Let me start with a crucial point:

You must understand that developing a deep emotional connection with men is inextricably linked to developing emotional attraction.

They are distinct entities, although there is a significant overlap between them.

That is to say, when you build emotional attraction with a man, you also create emotional connection with him!

Now that that’s out of the way, here are the top 5 signals he’s emotionally attached.

5 Indicators That A Man Is Emotionally Attached To You

  • He wants to be close to you both physically and emotionally (eg: he leans in closer to you).
  • He understands how you feel.
  • He is concerned about your well-being, not simply how you make him feel.
  • He is concerned about your concerns.
  • When you speak, his gaze is fixed on you (like nothing else around him matters).

Many attractive, confident, and well-respected women are unable to connect effectively with males.

As a result of this…?

They find themselves growing older alone, perplexed as to why they’ve never had “success” with men, despite having everything else they could possibly desire.

  • Excellent group of pals, tick.

  • A rewarding career, check.

  • Tick, you’re not an emotional wreck.

  • But what about a romantic relationship with a man? Nope.

We had had a member in New York who was a highly successful female attorney. Despite the fact that she made a lot of money and had a lot of fantastic acquaintances in powerful circles, no one wanted to date her.

She had no idea why.

It wasn’t that she didn’t look nice. She was tall, thin, and extremely gorgeous.

She was articulate, intelligent, and a true high achiever. On paper, she would undoubtedly be a “wonderful catch” who would check off many boxes for most men.

However, for some weird reason, it never translated into her daily life.

This was also happening to a lot of her other professional colleagues.

It’s Not Enough To Be Confident To Connect Emotionally With Men Allow me to share with you something really essential… (I want you to keep this in mind!)

It’s not enough to be self-assured, aware of your own worth, and content (whatever that may mean to you).

Don’t get me wrong: being self-assured is fantastic!

It’s also good to be content on the inside.

These things, on the other hand, will never help you connect with a man more deeply.


Because guys aren’t the same as women.

They see the world through masculine lenses, and as a result, miscommunication and misinterpretation are the rule, not the exception, when it comes to talking with men.