3 Little-Known Ways to Surround Yourself with Women

One of the most common mistakes men make is to make a lot of male friends and not surround themselves with women.

At first glance it might seem that there is nothing wrong with something like that…BUT, analyzing it deeper you can realize that there are some things wrong.

First of all, in general women have more female friends, men have more male friends. It means that the more women you know and the more women you will have the chance to meet through mutual friendships, surrounding yourself with women will definitely be the best choice.

A group of friends

And if that’s not enough, think about the difference between going out with 3-4 female friends and going out with 3-4 male friends. In the first case you’ll be pre-selected, in the second one you won’t (on the contrary, far from it).

Furthermore, having to deal with women all the time (whether they are friends or not) will only improve your ability to interact with them (also because, for example, with female friends you can flirt, but not with male friends).

Surrounding yourself with women is the best habit a seducer must have And definitely having lots of female friends has a great effect on your abundance mentality: if you’re surrounded by women, you know you can have them and therefore live in abundance.

What do you say, does that sound like enough good reasons to make lots of female friends? ???? ????

Let’s start with the juicy part of the article!

1. Making Friends from Cold Approaches

The vast majority of men, as soon as they learn about seduction, start playing games with the sole purpose of picking up a few women. This, besides having negative implications on your inner game, also has a negative influence on your dating, both offline and online .

I remember, when I lived that part of my life where I went out just to play games, I detached myself a lot from my social circles. This is the complete opposite of what good gaming should get you: quality people to hang out with.

This is to tell you that playing a game doesn’t mean detaching yourself from your social life and only starting to hang out with other aspiring seducers. Just as it doesn’t mean to throw away everything you’ve built up in an evening if you can’t pick up a woman.

The game should not only be integrated into one’s social life, but it should also support it.

It means that if you approach a group of women that you find nice , but you don’t manage to conclude anything, no one forbids you to stay in touch with them and maybe to become friends. You don’t have to hook up, you can also make new friends.

As well as when you manage to pick up a chick, you shouldn’t treat her just as a pastime: get to know her friends and especially her friends and let her get to know your friends. I could list a countless amount of women I date and have met through women I’ve had relationships with.

By doing this you have the opportunity to make female friends (and lots of them too), whether it goes well for you or “bad” for you.

2. Take Courses

Courses are one of the easiest ways to make many new acquaintances. You only need to attend one course to meet more than a dozen new people (remember that each of these people knows other people).

If you then choose the right courses, you really have the chance to surround yourself with women in no time.

One thing you have to keep in mind when making female friends in these courses is that you don’t have to act like you’ve made a cold approach (the social circle game is completely different from the cold approach game).

n any case, you are more interested in meeting friends than in seducing women, so act like a friendly person (note: this does not mean being a doormat!).

Keep in mind that friendships are built over time, so don’t be super clingy right away, but let things follow the natural course of events…with some push! For example, propose to organize some kind of evening between you from the class, as for example it could be “yoga class pizzeria”. Obviously, this is after you already know the others a minimum, don’t do it at the second class ????

Asking for the phone number is okay, but it requires that you have familiarized yourselves a minimum and/or that there are special circumstances, whereas with the Facebook contact you go pretty easy. No one is stopping you from asking for the Facebook contact first and the number later.

3. Take advantage of Social Circles

A social circle is a group of people who know each other through a certain context or through people. Friends from work is a social circle, as is your group of historical friends or Paolo’s friends for example.

You probably haven’t thought about it, but all the people you know, in turn know people you’ve never seen or talked to. Typically each person is part of more than one social circle.

There are plenty of ways to take advantage of social circles to make new female acquaintances, so I’ll offer some of the most effective/simple ones.

The easiest way is to ask a fairly close friend (or friend) of yours to introduce you to some cool girls. Don’t ask people you don’t have a close relationship with or you might come across as a fi*a-hungry.

Less simple, but much more effective is to propose to any person in one of your social circles to do a “merge”: you will bring in people this person doesn’t know and they will do the same. The better you know this person, the greater the chances of doing such a thing.

Another way to expand your knowledge is to have a party and extend invitations to friends of friends (attending these kinds of parties works great too).


These very practical ways to expand your female knowledge, but the best tecnique is always to keep an open mind and be respectful.